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Storage & Preservation


Storage & Preservation

Our storage and preservation service works out of our new 24,000 sq ft facility in Dunfermline and focuses on eliminating unnecessary time and expenses by simplifying the logistics of electrical machine storage.

At TDC Parsons Peebles, we are often tasked with repairing incorrectly stored machines. This damage is avoidable and can be expensive to rectify. To compound the problem, such damage often remains undetected until installation and commissioning, causing unnecessary and inconvenient delays.

To avoid damage TDC Parsons Peebles has put in place a dedicated and experienced team that will take proper care of your equipment. No matter what the application or duration of storage, you can be assured that TDC Parsons Peebles will provide you with an optimal solution. Our recommended preservation packages can be tailored to suit a multitude of machines and price points. To find out more about our recommended packages download our storage brochure here. Or get in contact with our engineers using the enquire button provided.

Keeping your downtime to a minimum, by providing your machines and related parts in top condition when you need them, is a key focus for this service. Therefore, we have ensured that our facility allows us to manage components, sub-assemblies and spare parts to the same level of care as complete machines meaning your machine, documentation and any associated components are guaranteed and available on demand.

We can also provide comprehensive testing in one of the most comprehensive test facilities in Europe to verify your machine’s satisfactory operation across the entire load range. Full test documentation is, of course, available on the conclusion of the test.


Key Features

  • Vibration-free environment – avoids static bearing damage.
  • Controlled environment – avoids bearing damage, corrosion and insulation degradation.
  • Regular inspection by specialised engineers – regular inspection and adherence to strict storage protocols minimises the risk of issues once the machine is required.
  • OEM levels of care – as motor and generator manufacturers for over 120 years we have the expertise and resources to maximise the care of your machine.
  • Complete inventory management – a comprehensive inventory and inspection records kept for every machine.
  • Superior cranage capabilities
  • 24/7 Surveillance 
  • Secure door access controls
  • Access to major motorway links

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