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As one of the UK’s most successful electromechanical services companies, Parsons Peebles counts on the knowledge and expertise of over 300 employees across the Group both in the UK and overseas.  We pride ourselves in the strong customer relationships which have been built over the years and we strive to ensure our culture and values are driven both internally and outwith the business.  The commitment and loyalty of our workforce is evident with many employees spending the majority of their careers in the Parsons Peebles business.

The development of employees is of great importance to the Parsons Peebles group and we continue to support ongoing training to enhance capabilities of our staff. The growth of the Parsons Peebles business, specifically during the last four years following the acquisitions of Preformed Windings, Anstee & Ware and Taylor & Goodman, has created further opportunities within the business with new and exciting roles.

The Parsons Peebles brand is recognised across many industries around the world including, but not exclusively, oil & gas, power generation, water & wastewater treatment, metals, cement & aggregates, paper & packaging and rail & transport and we continue to seek and invest in further market opportunities on a daily basis.

Working at Parsons Peebles is a dynamic and inspiring career and we continue to encourage new talent to join our valuable team.

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