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Condition Monitoring


Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring from Parsons PeeblesOur condition monitoring service is a proactive maintenance health check for all types of electromechanical equipment. This service can help prevent total loss of equipment function and reduce the risk of production unplanned downtime.

By applying predictive technologies and root cause analysis techniques to  rotating equipment (including pumps, gear drives, conveyors and motors)  we can fully understand the actual condition of your critical assets.

Techniques such as vibration analysis through to thermal imaging target potential issues and help accurately predict and identify when a breakdown is likely to occur. For example, our Ultrasound Energy Surveys for leak detection on compressed air systems are proven to maximise cost savings for a range of industries.

Additionally we provide a reactive service to assist, identify and accurately diagnose root cause of failure. We offer advice on the appropriate maintenance and/or corrective work that needs to be carried out, allowing for the optimisation of assets and prevention of unplanned events.

Our Reliability Service technicians and engineers hold ISO/ASNT Certificates to Level 2/3 in vibration analysis, infrared thermography and lubrication management, together with many years industry experience.

Our condition monitoring and maintenance services provides everything your business needs to keep operational.

Key Features

  • Asset commissioning
  • Conventional vibration analysis
  • Remote / online vibration analysis
  • Vibration phase analysis
  • Lubricant analysis
  • Bearing & gear analysis
  • High Voltage Partial Discharge
  • Acceptance testing
  • Resonance testing
  • Energy analysis
  • Shaft current discharge measuring
  • Driving proactive maintenance
  • Ultrasonic air leak surveys
  • Mechanical thermal imaging
  • Electrical thermal imaging
  • Process thermal imaging
  • On-site analysis and correction
  • Re-engineering solutions
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Laser alignment
  • Asset management
  • 24 hour availability
  • Thermographic surveys
  • ATEX certified repairs
  • 24 hour availability

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