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AC DC Motors Testing Capabilities


AC DC Motors Testing Capabilities

TDC Parsons Peebles offers a range of AC and DC motor testing capabilities alongside our expertise in engineering capability, as well as the competencies within our dedicated workshop, ensures delivery of high performing machines to many applications worldwide.

Our unique test facility in Rosyth, Scotland which has been specifically designed to handle medium and high voltage motors and generators, allows us to conduct condition assessment and full load testing of repaired and new reverse engineered units, with direct load testing of induction motors up to 8MW @ 60Hz or 7.5MW @ 50Hz. Synchronous motors and generators up to 65MVA would be tested via the open circuit and zero power factor method. This service gives customer’s confidence in the performance of their machines before returning to or being newly installed at site.

Direct load and offload run test can also be conducted on AC and DC motors throughout our facilities in England and Wales.

We provide medium to high voltage testing facilities for a range of machine models and makes. At TDC Parsons Peebles our aim is to provide services and products that are able to ensure the maintenance of high performance and life expectancy.

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