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Drop-in Replacement Motors


Drop-in Replacement Motors

When an operator needs to replace a motor that has reached the end of its useful life, TDC Parsons Peebles will provide a direct “drop-in” replacement unit regardless of the unit’s original manufacture. In addition to ensuring the replacement unit is interchangeable, we can often incorporate upgrades into the design to improve performance.

We make to measure replacement machines suitable for direct drop-in, upgraded drop-in or dual use drop-in replacement. No matter the type of replacement, operational requirements of the machine or industry involved, we will provide a cost effective solution. With an eye on reducing operational expenditure for our customers we have, in the past, even come up with clever dual use spare drop-in solutions where possible. These can be single motors that are easily reconfigured to act as replacements for two pieces of driven equipment. In this way you effectively achieve two emergency spares for a significantly lower outlay.

TDC Parsons Peebles will assess your site and develop an engineered solution to solve your particular requirements. Taking into account your budget, lead-time requirement, service and site conditions we will offer a new machine or, if required, an upgraded machine solution.

No matter the make, type or age of the machine we are well practised in fabricating adaptor components or our preferred route of a fully bespoke machine to original imperial dimensions. Either way you’ll be supplied with a machine that just “plugs and plays”.

We offer a complete service from tender, site audit, engineering, manufacture, certification and installation to minimise the hassles of replacement or upgrade. This is conducted to the high OEM standards of a motor manufacturer with over 100 years’ experience in the industry.


Key Features

  • Full solution from site survey through to commissioning reducing time and cost through utilisation of single vendor
  • Replace / upgrade motors or generators regardless of original equipment manufacturer
  • Ability to upgrade or enhance the motor or generator e.g. increased power, reduced starting current
  • Match baseplate and bolting down arrangement
  • Replicate ancillaries interface and connections
  • Replicate motor performance characteristics
  • Reduced time and cost for installation as no skid reconfiguration or other site/system modifications required
  • Reduces project costs & complexity
  • Ensures complete skid compatibility

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