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12.7 MW Low Pressure Compressor Motor Rewind

POSTED: 04 Aug 2021

12.7 MW Low Pressure Compressor Motor Rewind

Built in 1996, this 12.7 MW, 13,800 V low pressure compressor motor was recently removed from its original location by TDC Parsons Peebles’ site engineers in order for them to carry out a RCA (root cause analysis) on the winding failure. Currently a work-in-progress for our team in Rosyth, this project will involve a complete overhaul of all major components including the base plate, anti-condensation heaters and cooler as well as a re-core and rewind. The above photo bears testament to the outstanding job done so far on this 26 ton HV electric motor by our team of engineers.

Motor Specification: 13.8 kV, 60 Hz, 644 Amps, 1775 RPM, 4 Pole, 12.7 MW, 26 t

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