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Pump Testing & RepairsWe pride ourselves on being totally independent of any pump manufacturer and are able to supply new pumping assets from all of the major manufacturers. We also offer application and energy analysis on all types of industrial pumping systems, to ensure that you receive the best Whole life cycle cost solution.

We offer a complete pumping asset solution from on-site Pump Performance Management including Portable pump efficiency testing, Thermodynamic to BS EN ISO 5198/9 and Conventional to BS EN ISO 5199 to establish where your pumping asset is operating in relation to Best Efficiency Point and look to offer via consultation the best solution via repair, refurbishment, replacement or supply new.

Our bespoke pump department repair, overhaul and rewind all types of industrial pumps including borehole, wet or dry well pumps, submersible and surface mounted pumps. In-house capabilities extend to re-engineer parts that may no longer be readily available such as wear rings, neck rings, shafts or impellers. Material specification can be upgraded to enhance performance and extend the asset working life.  Whether your requirement is for a new pump, an emergency repair or complete refurbishment our specialist pump teams are backed up by unrivaled electrical, mechanical, machining and fabrication facilities.

Submersible Pumps (Thermodynamic & Conversion)

  • Vortex, Screw Type or Single Channel Impellers
  • Suitable for Dry Type Installations
  • ATEX Explosion Proof 

End Suction Pumps and CBM Solutions

  • Clean & Waste Water Applications
  • Chemical Applications
  • Process pumps

General Purpose Pumps

  • Horizontal & Vertical Split Case
  • Multistage
  • Vertical Mixed Axial flow


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