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A Quality Refurb & a Speedy Service Avonmouth Does It Again.

POSTED: 13 Sep 2019

A Quality Refurb & a Speedy Service Avonmouth Does It Again.

Whether it’s a machine replacement, complete overhaul or a minor repair Parsons Peebles aims to deliver the highest quality service & machines in the shortest possible lead time.

Recently our Avonmouth Service Centre was approached by a customer with an old 18 Nm Siemens servo motor coupled to an epicyclic gearbox. Unfortunately, both the motor and the generator were obsolete and the customer was facing having to replace the motor and the driver. A complete replacement would have meant a lengthy downtime and a cost of around £40k for the machines alone.

However, our skilled engineers at Avonmouth were able to bring both the servo motor & the generator back to full working order by:

– Washing out & drying the windings

– Replacing the bearings and seals

– Cleaning & removing all corrosion

– Repairing the Tacho generator

– Replacing the signal plugs and glands

– Calibrating and testing to Siemens specification

– Refinishing the machines in Siemens grey

Not only did the customer receive their machines back in full working order but they did so in only 3 days minimising their downtime and their costs.

If you have any electromechanical equipment that has seen better days or isn’t working as well as it used to please get in contact using the link below.  One of our talented engineers will be happy to talk you through our multitude of reliability and energy services that will allow us to pinpoint the problem and allow us to put a plan in place to return your machine to its prime.

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