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ProCair: Service Contracts for Compressed Air Equipment Launched by Parsons Peebles

POSTED: 10 Nov 2017

ProCair: Service Contracts for Compressed Air Equipment Launched by Parsons Peebles

Our Compressed Air Solutions business unit (CAS) are specialists in the sales, service and installation of industrial air compressors and ancillary equipment.

CAS provide product and service support to a wide variety of industry sectors, including:

• ManufacturingProCiar compressed air solutions parsons peebles
• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Food and Beverage
• Medicine
• Pharmacy
• Energy
• Art and Sculpture
• Climate Control

The services offered include full distribution pipework design and installation using the latest in lightweight leak-free aluminium pipe systems, full service and repair capability for fixed and variable speed air compressors, contact cooled or oil free.

Technical support is also provided for energy audit reports, multi-unit controllers and refrigerant or desiccant dryer servicing and repairs.

Working with some of the world’s largest compressor manufactures, the product range of 2.2kW to 300kW rotary screw air compressors are supplied with a fully inclusive five-year warranty free of charge.

Servicing is critical to the working life of any compressor and maintenance contracts are the key component for any compressed air business. CAS service and maintain any make and model of compressed air equipment, but that doesn’t necessarily make us stand out from the competition in terms of service offering. ProCair Compressed Air Solutions Parsons Peebles

ProCair makes us different. ProCair takes the industry standard service offering and enhances it by adding analytical tools to provide a comprehensive predictive and preventative maintenance program.

ProCair provides peace of mind to the end-user, helps identify potential interruptions to production, eliminates risk and supports optimised performance and informed decision making.

A ProCair service program includes thermal imaging and reports for the air/oil cooler, thermal valve and electrical switch gear. Voltage and amp readings, reporting the condition of the incoming power supply to the main drive motor and oil analysis of the condition of the compressors critical component the airend.

Download our ProCiar flyer HEREProCair Compressed Air Solutions Parsons Peebles

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