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Rotary Frequency Converters Powering Global Clients

POSTED: 10 Jan 2020

Rotary Frequency Converters Powering Global Clients

RFC 2 Motor & Generator in Construction

For over 120 years, Parsons Peebles has designed, manufactured and installed a large variety of bespoke high voltage machines for multiple applications all over the globe.

SituationControl Panel for RFC

Parsons Peebles was contacted by a client in Western Australia to renew and upgrade a power supply system in a marine port to give more capacity to docking vessels. As part of this upgrade, Parsons Peebles were tasked to design, manufacture and install three upgraded 11Kv, 600RPM, 50-60Hz rotary frequency converters, and their control panels. The purpose of rotary frequency converters or frequency changers is to convert an input power source of one frequency (50/60Hz) to another or to provide clean, reliable onboard power to a vessel while docked.

ChallengeParsons Peebles Western Australian RFC Installation

With a project of this size, it was vital that Parsons Peebles were transparent through-out and had a clear understanding of what was required. Most importantly the technical specification demanded by the client and how the units were to operate through the life cycle. One hurdle that had to be overcome was the condensed project time as the project inception date was protracted however the completion date remained the same. The geographical location of the client meant that a 7+ hour time difference could potentially delay the communication and approval processes as well as the logistical issues that come with the lengthy transportation of such large and valuable goods. Appropriate working visas and additional clearances for working on the customers’ site were also required.


In order to complete this project to the clients’ specifications, our specialist design & engineering teams produced three identical bespoke rotary frequency changers and control systems that were an upgrade from their existing machines. Parsons Peebles adjusted their workflow process to streamline the delivery of the production to meet the reduced delivery period. To overcome the approval/communication issues caused by the time difference a flexible approach to managing the project and communications was implemented including the inception of a dedicated out of hours UK based team. Logistical issues were also overcome by working closely with our freight partners and with innovative solutions we were able to reduce the delivery time frames (in some cases from 6 to 4 weeks).

Customer Benefit

Parsons Peebles was able to provide a turnkey project with the design-build and installation of a whole life project. The project was completed on time, on budget and to the required quality as the dedicated project manager acted as a responsive point of contact and handled all aspects of the manufacture and installation. With the machines being thoroughly tested in our industry-leading testing facility and on-site we could assure the client that the frequency changers would run at optimum efficiency. Saving the client site time and reducing costly losses in performance and downtime.

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