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Parsons Peebles London workshop pleased to open its doors to visitors

POSTED: 04 May 2018

Parsons Peebles London workshop pleased to open its doors to visitors


Following its launch in 2017, Parsons Peebles London workshop is keen to maximise awareness of its capabilities for electro-mechanical products and services and will open its doors to local companies on Thursday 17th May 2017.

The London branch of the business is our newest, most modern facility, with key capabilities for servicing electro-mechanical products from motors and generators to pumps and gearboxes.  The availability and operational efficiencies of these machines is crucial in most applications so maintaining these to their greatest potential is a key element of what Parsons Peebles can provide.

Where a new unit is required, Parsons Peebles works with some of the biggest OEMs including Siemens, Renold, Grundfos and WEG and pump efficiency company Riventa, to ensure we can provide the most suitable solution for your application.  The London Open Day will also give you an opportunity to meet with some of these key manufacturers.

To ensure we make the most of your time, we will be providing presentations, workshop tours, gift bags on arrival, a hog roast, raffle and some activities to give you a chance to win some prizes.

  • 10am – 3pm: Doors open – Tea/coffees on arrival
  • 10am – 3pm: Exhibit stands open


  • 10am – 3pm: Activities
  • 10:15 – 2:45: Sessions and tours


  • 11:00 – 2pm: Hog roast



Guess the weight of the (to be announced)

Please register your name to Gillian Aird at or contact Gillian on 07880 230844 if you’d like to join us.

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