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Our Health Checks Increase Production Reliability at a Tyre Manufacturing Plant

POSTED: 08 Nov 2017

Our Health Checks Increase Production Reliability at a Tyre Manufacturing Plant

Condition Monitoring is a proactive maintenance health check for all types of electromechanical equipment. This service can help prevent total loss of equipment function, reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and in turn avoid unexpected operational costs. In addition, condition monitoring is a valuable tool in any reliability defect elimination program.

The Condition Monitoring team at Parsons Peebles recently won a significant contract with a tyre manufacturer which will enable an upgrade to their machinery health analyser to increase their processing speed and reduce the ergonomically associated HSE risk to the engineering technicians.

Machinery Diagnostics Manager, James Sylvester, said, “Historically we’ve had a presence on site for a Vibration Analysis service, in 2011 this was handed over to James Pearce, a Parsons Peebles Engineering Technician, who has been carrying out excellent work with the customer over the duration.”

The recommendations made by James Pearce have since been carried out and an increase in production availability has been recognised by the customer.

The tyre manufacturer is now looking to improve their production reliability on their main critical line, Line 6, to bring down production costs and keep them competitive. The initial task was to perform an air leak energy saving survey on the compressed air equipment which is already currently being maintained by Parsons Peebles compressed air solutions business. On the back of this and the initial support given on the vibration analysis studies, Parsons Peebles were invited to formulate a reliability program for Line 6.

Using the motto ‘Condition Based Monitoring driving Proactive Maintenance’, the Parsons Peebles reliability program features ultrasonic contact inspection of slow rotating bearings, lubricating oil analysis, conventional vibration analysis, high frequency bearing condition vibration analysis, mechanical thermal imaging of conveyor bearings, electrical thermal imaging of control panels and visual inspection.

The impetus has continued with interest from the tyre manufacturer. Their European Reliability Manager is impressed with the program and has asked if Parsons Peebles would like to quote for the same format at their European production facility.

“For line 6, we’ve been on site for the initial set up and to explain the program with the site Reliability Engineering Manager who has stated that if we can improve the reliability on this production line, then there are another two at this facility that they’d like us to manage.

Our reliability services offering has great potential for the Parsons Peebles business and we look forward to further success in the future.”

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