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Parsons Peebles Extends MV/HV Motor Offering with New Standard Product Range

POSTED: 09 Nov 2017

Parsons Peebles Extends MV/HV Motor Offering with New Standard Product Range

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new medium and high voltage standard motors which extends our current portfolio of engineered and drop-in replacement solutions.

The main product types that will feature in the Parsons Peebles standard product portfolio include the PPD series, an IC411 motor which is a self-ventilating, enclosed machine with external fins and an external shaft mounted fan.

The PPT Series is an IC611 motor which is also an enclosed machine and has a built on heat exchanger and shaft mounted fans. The PPC Series, an ICO1 motor, is a self-ventilating machine that is integral fan cooled by a shaft mounted fan. These all conform to the IC code as laid down in 60034-6.

The three-phase squirrel caged induction designs, come in a range of voltages, most commonly 3.3kV, 6.6KV and 11kV with class F insulation and class B rise as standard. The product range covers 2 to 10 poles in sizes up to 560 frame, across a power range of 185kW to 2.8MW.  These can be found in our technical catalogue.

The introduction of the standard product range to the Parsons Peebles portfolio widens the opportunity of the company offering to many markets including the process industry, cement & aggregates, metals and water and wastewater treatment.

Parsons Peebles are already very active in these industries through its acquisitions of legacy companies, Anstee & Ware and Taylor and Goodman, who have many years of experience in servicing electrical and mechanical machines such as LV/MV/HV motors, pumps, gearboxes and air compressors.  The new Parsons Peebles standard product range will be sure to further compliment the business’s offering and support these markets more extensively.

CEO of Parsons Peebles Group, Frank Barrett, comments: “We are excited at this next step in the continued development of the Parsons Peebles product offering to our customers. This launch is an important part of our journey while continuing to enhance our reputation and brand as a full service and product provider across the whole electromechanical landscape.”

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