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Heritage Brands, Anstee & Ware and Taylor & Goodman, Change Registered Legal Names

POSTED: 11 Oct 2017

Heritage Brands, Anstee & Ware and Taylor & Goodman, Change Registered Legal Names

Heritage brands, Anstee & Ware (AW) and Taylor & Goodman (TG) make further progress in their Parsons Peebles integration following the registered legal name changes to Parsons Peebles Service Ltd (AW) and Parsons Peebles Service (Reading) Ltd (TG).

As limited companies, they will not change from a legal perspective. There is no change of management and there is no change of control. The only change will be its registered legal name.

Also unaffected by the name changes are the companys’ numbers registered at Companies House, the VAT numbers and bank account details, although the name on the bank account will change to Parsons Peebles Service Limited and Parsons Peebles Service (Reading) Limited.

The name changes reflects the broader offering from the Company as part of the Parsons Peebles business as seen below:

  • Original Equipment – provides bespoke, niche high voltage and medium voltage motors and generators as well as standard range. This includes the drop-in replacement of existing motors and generators to end users and new motors for larger projects through OEMs globally.
  • Coils – provides rapid response re-engineering and manufacturing of high quality copper coils for traction motors, high voltage motors and generators primarily through the QualCoil™ and QualCoil–Rapid™ brands.
  • Service – the provision of electromechanical services both onsite and from within the 11 workshops across the UK. This covers inspection, installation services, diagnostics as well as repair and spares, parts and replacement machines for Parsons Peebles existing high voltage installed base and third party electric machines both in the UK and globally. Core specialities are motors, pumps, generators, compressors and gearboxes.

For further information please contact:

Gillian Aird
Group Director of Marketing & Communications

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