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Water & Wastewater


Water & Wastewater

As one of our most valuable resources, efficiency in water industry operations is crucial. Keeping water treatment plants running requires an array of equipment and services which all need to be kept in workable conditions.

For over 20 years, Parsons Peebles has supplied a range of electromechanical products and services such as refurbishment and new machines from low to high voltage motors and generators, to pumps, gearboxes and compressed air solutions.  Whatever water treatment parts or repairs are required, our engineers have experience with all types.

Our full scope supply of water engineering services supports the lifecycle of technologies across the various processes of the water and wastewater industries including pumping stations, distribution networks, desalination plants, irrigation networks, water and wastewater treatment plants, and industrial water treatment plants.

Our flexible engagement models means we can take on an extensive range of projects and our multi-skilled engineering teams are available 24/7 to perform a wide range of service solutions from strategic asset planning to systems upgrade. Our 7 Mtr test pit allows us to confirm the pump’s operation for flow and pressure prior to delivery to the customer.

Our key services for the water industry include:

  • Complete project – remove, refurbish, install and commission
  • Pump Test Pits up to 7m depth
  • Pyrolosis Ovens to maintain energy efficiency
  • Experienced personnel to work on clean or dirty water sites
  • Efficiency coatings on pump impeller and interiors
  • EUSR Water Hygiene Card and H&S site safety cards
  • AtEx and confined spaces approved
  • Clean area in our workshops
  • Vast Stocks of seal kits
  • Energy analysis
  • OEM Approvals
  • Pump Efficiency Testing
  • Fixed asset monitoring solutions
  • Full WIMES Energy Efficiency refurbishments
  • Re-engineering of old obsolete assets
  • Pump up-grade and re-rate
  • Application of WRAS approved efficiency and abrasive resistant coatings
  • Site Services
  • Reliability Services (CBM)
  • Condition based monitoring  –    Vibration Analysis, Thermographic Surveys and HVPD for High Voltage monitoring

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