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New Machine Storage Facility

We eliminate unnecessary time and expense by simplifying the logistics of electrical machine storage.
Parsons Peebles dedicated storage facility and experienced team who will take proper care of your equipment.
No matter what the application or duration of storage, you can be assured that Parsons Peebles will provide you with anoptimal solution.

The key features and benefits of our storage offering are as follows:

» Vibration free environment – avoids static bearing damage
» Controlled environment – avoids bearing damage, corrosion and
insulation degradation
» Regular inspection by specialised engineers – regular inspection and
adherence to strict storage protocols minimises the risk of issues once the
machine is required
» OEM levels of care – as motor and generator manufacturers for over
100 years we have the expertise and resources to maximise care of your
» Complete inventory management – comprehensive inventory and
inspection records kept for every machine

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