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New Projects

Parsons Peebles specialise in bespoke, made to specification motors and generators, specialising in:

  • Low noise level machines
  • Low starting current motors
  • Hazardous areas machines (Ex nA, Ex p, Ex e)
  • Specialist and unusual applications
  • Our designs are robust and proven with high integrity keyed-bar cage rotor construction¬†

We offer:

  • Induction motors up to 25 MW (cage, horizontal & slip-ring)
  • Synchronous motors up to 50 MW (salient-pole)
  • Induction generators up to 80 MVA (cage rotor)
  • Synchronous generators up to 80 MVA (diesel, gas turbine, steam driven & salient pole)
  • Motor / generator frequency changer sets
  • Our range extends down to specialist 52 pole machines¬†